About Us

Inflatable Testing Wales is the leading inflatable testing and repair service based in Wales. We are a PIPA Registered Inspection Body offering both mobile and in-house testing services we are able ensure that all of your units are kept up to the highest standard. As you may or may not know the Health & Safety Executive has issued a ruling that ALL inflatables that are to be used by the public have to have an annual safety test certificate issued by a competant person.  The HSE recognise The PIPA Testing Scheme within HSG175 as a competant as they have undergone the necessary training and examination.  As well as having a stringent audit system in place.

Our team have been involved with inflatables for over 20 years providing both health & safety support, hire and repair.  Inflatable Testing Wales was set up by Adam George when an opening became available to provide inspections within the Wales region.  It soon became apparent that there was a further need for inspections on a Nationwide basis and as such the company expanded.  Both Inflatable Testing Wales & Inflatable Safety Tests are based in our purpose built factory unit just outside of Swansea, South Wales.  We’re only 10 mins until we get onto the M4 motorway so can be anywhere in the country in a relatively short space of time.
Over the last few years we’ve quickly become the “go to guys” for all your large inflatable repairs.  Our work with the countries largest inflatable 5K provider, as well as Inflatable Play Parks has meant us investing heavily into the correct systems and equipment to allow us to cost effectively repair whilst on site.  Many of the inflatables that we work on, modify and generally inspect weigh over 2T!  With our systems we’ve been able to work on these with just one or two members of our experienced team saving the client both time and money.

Being experts in not just the inflatable repair and inspection business but also within the events industry through our experience with our sister company InHouse Ents we soon moved into providing Health & Safety support on site across the UK.  In the past we’ve had the pleasure of attending onsite SAG inspection meetings to provide detailed answers, actor stake testing to ensure that the ground is up to the job as well as hundreds of hours spent on the phones advising our clients Nationwide.

If you have a project that you would like to chat about do get in touch via the website.