Recent Work Examples

Over the last 12 months we’ve been incredible busy with both repairs at our workshop in Swansea, South Wales and travelling the length and breadth of the country providing on-site support.  In the last 12 months we’ve carried out repairs in London, Manchester, Birmingham and even Scotland.  Below are some examples of previous work to demonstrate what we have done i the past.  of course we are always happy to talk about new projects so if you do have an idea that you would like to run by us then do get in touch.

Walking on the Moon – Step Modification

Our client came to us with the mammoth of all tasks.  They organise 5k inflatable fun runs as a company over some of the biggest inflatables in Europe!  The task was to modify the giant structure to fit sealed air steps as they found during use the runners would struggle to climb the structure.  After speaking with the manufacturer about the issue, the manufacturer recommended they have a chat with us because of our reputation in managing large inflatables.

As part of the process we could not fit the structure inside of our warehouse so various contacts were used and we managed to hire out a vacant sports shop for the day.  This gave our team a huge dry area to work in.  Overall the inflatable modification took over 19hours straight through and up to 7 staff at times!  Since then we’ve worked with this client throughout the year managing the safety of their inflatables for their events.

Emergency Leisure Centre Biff & Bash Repair

The photos show an emergency call out we carried out for one of our leisure centre clients in Wales.  This play object was ripped off during a routine children’s birthday party at the centre.  The issue was that this happening on a Saturday afternoon and the centre was fully booked for the Sunday.  This lead to a last minute call out where we worked late into the night to ensure that the client was able to operate the next day.

Modification to comply with BS EN14960:2013

During routine inspections for a client we came across the bounce and slide inflatable.  They had imported it from China where the rules and regulations are not as strict as in the UK.  When it landed it was clear that it did not conform so we set about a plan to modify it.  We removed the small stop walls as these contravened EN14960 in their current state.  In doing so we made sure to preserve as much of the original step material as possible, as well as reinforcing where our inflatable modification had taken place.

Custom Covers & Tilts

Every year we make hundreds of custom covers and showman tilts for rides, stalls and quirky props.  Above is just a small selection of some of the recent covers.  All have been made with a minimum of 610g PVC using rot proof nylon thread.  All were supplied with full guarantees too!

Showman’s Theme Park Repairs

Quite often inflatables get damaged by both the weather and staff.  In this case the inflatable slide got caught on a metal fence post during routine setup in a theme park.  We were called onsite to carry out the repair before opening the same day!